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Chicken blood stone carving, with Changhua as the most. It is a traditional folk carving art with a long history. Its history goes back more than 2,300 years ago. Soapstone is excellent in color, quality, shape, scene, pattern, figure, meaning, etc. It has the six virtues of "moisturizing, fine, greasy, warm, knotting, and solidifying". The characteristics of the "blood" and "land" sculptures are also changing. Carved into a Buddha statue with heliotrope, it means that it can be used as a human amulet. It is said that wearing a heliotrope can protect yourself from blood damage, prevent bleeding, and ensure your health. Soapstones can also be used to raise money and treasure in the home, and the evil spirits in the house can make the family harmonious and healthy for the family, while also promoting physical and mental pleasure, maintaining a good mentality and spirit.
Legend has it that the bloodstone can make the sun red, and make lightning and thunder appear in the sky, which means that wearing bloodstone can have wisdom, get what you beg for, and prevent you from being deceived and respected. In short, people who have bloodstone can get a lot of good luck.Stone Sculpture manufacturers
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