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86 DC Brushless motorgear reducer 90 degree, matched with 86 brushless motor.
1.Low Noise: Less than 65 DB
2.Backlash: Backlash for a single–stage speed reduction is less than 15 arc min.Backlash for two-stage speed reduction is less than 20 arc min.
3.High Efficiency: Efficiency for single stage model exceeds 95% and for two-stage model exceeds 92%.
4.High Torque: Higher torque output compared to the conventional planetary gear reducer.
5.High Stability: Instead of just surface hardening, the entire gear is made from high tensile strength steel alloy. This extends gear service life and maintains high accuracy even after a long period of operation.
6.The adapter bushing connection can be attached to any motor.
7.No grease leakage.
Planetary Gearbox Application:
Aerospace and Military Industry
Medical and Health Industry
Electronics and Telecommunication Industry
Robotics Industry
Automation Industry
CNC, Machine, and Tool Manufacturing Industries
Automobile, Textile, Printing, Food, and Metallurgical Industries
Environmental Protection Engineering
Warehousing and Logistics Industry
1.Bomai focused on the motion control industry for 6 years,with several expert.
2.With own independent brand BOMAI and own Research and Development ability.
3.Provide OEM & ODM services.
4.With more than 10 years of experience in production and have a group of industrial engineers.
5.The fuselage is made of aluminium shell with light weight and high strength.
6.Small size, easy to pack and transport.
7.High gear accuracy, small clearance and high transmission efficiency.
8.Short lead time and high production efficiency.
9.Factory Direct Selling, Guarantee Quality.
10.Various speed ratios are available to support special customization.
11.High Torque and Low Noise.
number of stage1 Stage2 Stage3 Stage
Speed Ratio3/4/5/610/12/16/20/24/30/3652.8/64/96/144/216
Rated load(NM)305060
Maximum load(NM)5080100
full load efficiency%959085
Rated input speed(RPM)≤3000≤3000≤3000
degree of protection(IP)656565
running noise(DB)≤60≤60≤60
lubrication typeGrease lubricationGrease lubricationGrease lubrication
mounting typeflangeflangeflangePlanetary Reducer 90 Degree price
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