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The description of Electrical Meter Box
It is suitable for using in industrial and mining enterprises, hotels, residential quarters, commercial and schools, etc., which can be used by civil or non-professionals. It can be used as electric energy metering for residential, dormitory, and public lighting. Protect the device and use it safely and reliably.
The box body is bent and welded by cold-rolled steel plate. The box door is connected with the box by hinges. The components and the meter are installed on the second floor. The electrical components have safety protection facilities, which can safely operate the electrical switch. A transparent inspection window is installed on the door.
The advantages of Electrical Meter Box
The Electrical Meter Box is divided into indoor wall-mounted type and outdoor waterproof type. The indoor wall-mounted type is divided into wall-mounted and concealed, wall-mounted protection class IP40, and outdoor waterproof type protection class up to IP54.
Metering meter box includes: single-phase meter box, three-phase meter box, electronic meter box, plug-in meter box, induction radio meter box, plastic meter box, stainless steel meter box, metal meter box and so on.
Generally, there are 1 meter box, 2 meter box, 4 meter box, 6 meter box, 8 meter box, 10 meter box, 12 meter meter box, etc.
The Advantages of Electrical Meter Box
1. The metering meter box is supplied to the recently produced products according to the contract, with advanced technology and excellent quality. The design, materials and processes are free from defects and errors.
2, The company implements free technical services and regular return visits to the products sold, solicit user feedback information, in order to better serve users.
3, A professional technical engineer to serve you 24 hours a day, to answer all kinds of questions for you, to solve your worries in the process of use.
4, Let users spend the least money to buy the most affordable products. Quality assurance! Advanced technology Welcome to inquire.Meter Box Free Sample
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