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HXN (Qingdao HaiXinNuo Machinery Co.,Ltd) is one of the largest steel foundries in the world and uses the lost wax method. By means of this method, investment castings can be produced with high dimensional accuracy and complex shapes. Besides that, it provides the engineer great freedom in product design and material choice. Your specific wishes and demands can be incorporated into the castings. HXN acts as a development partner with the goal of attaining an optimal investment casting through joint cooperation.

We highly value a good client relationship, which largely determines the success of a project. In good cooperation with you as our customer, we would like to act as a development partner, sharing our thoughts and ideas about product design, material choice, measurements or any necessary machining. All of this is matched exactly to your needs and wishes. HXN is your partner when it comes to successful castings!

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2. Production line
4.Features & benefits
If you select HXN to have your steel component developed and produced, then you are opting for quality, certainty and reliability. From idea to implementation. Our investment casting process has the following characteristics:

Significant freedom of shape and design
Nearly every steel alloy is possible
High degree of dimensioning precision
No release angle required
High surface quality
Obviates mechanical post-processing
Non-releasing cores can be castCustomized Stainless Steel Casting
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