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Characteristics: Diallyl phthalate (DAP Monomer) is a low viscous, colorless transparent liquid. Each molecule of DAP Monomer contains two allyloxy groups, which is stable at room temperature, but if under heating and adding some initiator, it will be very reactive, and can be made into many new materials with special usage.

When used as plasticizer or internal plasticizer, the main property of DAP Monomer is as follows:
1. It鈥檚 indeformable after forming, with good dimensional stability.
2. It has good electrical properties, even under the condition of high temperature and damp, it still has good electrical insulation.
3. It has good thermal stability. The bending strength is unchanged sustainably used at 150~200鈩?
4. It鈥檚 of chemical erosion resistance and of solvent extraction resistance.
5. It has excellent heat resistance, electrical resistance, air resistance and aging resistance, etc.

Product description
Product Name: Diallyl Phthalate (DAP)
CAS No. 131-17-9
Molecular Formula: C14H14O4
Molecular Weight: 246.3
Structural Formula:

Technical Specification:
Appearance: colorless or light yellow transparent oily liquid
Assay: 99.5% Min.
Water Content: 0.1% Max.
Specific gravity/Density(20鈩?: 1.105-1.115
Viscosity (20鈩? Mpa.s): 12-14CPS
Color (APHA): 40 Max.
Boiling point (0.53kpa, 鈩?: 157-165
Solidifying point (鈩?: -70
Refraction rate (25鈩?: 1.516-1.518
Acid Value: 0.2 Max.
Iodine Value (g/100g): 200 Min.
Usage: It can be used as cross-linking agent and plasticizer of unsaturated resin, internal plasticizer of PVC resin, reinforcing agent of fiber reinforced resin, it can self polymerized as plastic strengthen agent, also can be as the auxiliary cross-linking agent of synthetic rubber.
Packing: 200kg steel drums, 1MT/IBC
Cross-linking Agent And Plasticizer
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