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Product introduction:
This machine is suitable for non woven fabric material only, it is the most advanced equipment and has the function of full automatic handle loop sealing. The speed is about 20-120 pcs/min, it equals to 5 workers operating 5 handle sealing machines. It can fully automatic make non woven bag products with different bag type and size, as handle attached bags, box bag,T-shirt bags (vest bags), flat bags, drawstring bags and so on. It has widely used in clothing, footwear, wine, gifts packaging etc. The machine can instead of the traditional hand-sewing and reducing labor and manufacturing costs. It鈥檚 very popular in worldwide.
Main Technical Parameter
Non Woven Bag Making Machine TypeYSHB-D700
Bag Making Speed20-120pcs/min
Handle Bag Speed20-70pcs/min
Bag Length100-800mm
Bag Width200-600mm
Bag-Making Thickness30-100g
Power Supply380V/220V
Total Power12-17KW
Overall Dimension (L*W*H)10.3m*2m*2.1m

Equipment List
Unit Specification Model and origin
Mainly Technical Parameter TypeYSHB-D700 Non Woven Bag Making Machine
Roller width50-1250mm
Bag making speed20-120pcs/min
Bag width200-580mm
Bag Length100-800mm
Material thickness20-100g
Power supply220v
Total power12-17Kw
Overall size锛圠*W*H锛?/p>10300*2000*2100mm锛坣ot including desk锛?/p>
Mainly machine Blanking unitOne set
Horizontal traction unitOne set
Vertical fold unitOne set
Roller unit Blanking wayMagnetic powder tension controller
Roller control deviceAir Shaft 蠁3鈥筹紙蠁76mm锛?/p>
Roller diameter蠁1000mm
Controller and
System Correcting deviation deviceAutomatic correcting deviation system
Automatic shutdown systemPhotoelectric eye
PlateStainless steel
Power control systemSpecial motor tension driver system
Ultrasonic systemSide Sealing 300mm 2 pieces锛圱aiwan Mingyou锛?
Box Bag 153mm 2 pieces锛坆y us锛?
Lace Roller Sealing70mm 2 pieces锛坆y us锛?
T-shirt Bag 70mm 1 pieces锛坆y us锛?
Handle folding 55mm 2 pieces锛坆y us锛?
Handle Sealing 55mm 4 pieces锛坆y us锛?/p>
Temperature control systemTemperature control 1 unit chint
OperationMan-machine interface touch control 1 set
RelaySchneider 4 pieces
Pneumatic componentYadeke
Brand of machine parts Temperature gaugeChint
InverterTaida china
converter motor锛坢ain motor锛?/p>shengbang(made in Taiwan) 3 pieces
Handle touch screenTaiwan 锛圥LC锛?step motor songyang 5 pieces
Touch ScreenTaiwan 锛圥LC锛?/p>
Step driver /Step motorYASKAWA Japan
ValueJinqi 锛圱aiwan锛?/p>
This machine can produce some different kinds non woven bags from 20 to 100gsm .Such as D-Cut bag, T-shirt Bag, Soft handle bag, Vest bag etc. Or according to requirements.
Spare partsRoller: 2 Japancontactor : 2 24v Contactor : 2 220v Potentiometer: 1 High Current contactor: 1 Low Currentcontactor: 1 Heating sheet: 2 Material correcting resistance锛?
Switch: 2 Small spring: 200
Oil gun: 1 Belt: 2 Hall switch: 2 Displacement锛?
Other switch: 1 Capacitor 锛?
Resistance锛? Dynatron锛?
Pressure Regulators锛? Valve锛?
Speed control plate锛? Material feeding eye Electric锛? Tool box锛? Thermocouple锛?low price Cutting Machine
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