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Your freeze dried coffee is powder shape, but other company provides regular particle shaped coffee. Coffee is the most common drink for people in the world. There are many famous coffee plant area in Latin America, and the quality of the coffee is very good. The traditional method to dry the coffee is still by spray way in 180-200鈩?high temperature, the taste and flavor is lost in such a high temperature.
What is the difference between freeze dried coffee and spray dried coffee?
Freeze dried coffee is in low temperature by the way of sublimation, and the taste is retained in maximum; the flavor is retained in maximum, and its nutrition is retained in maximum. It is the superior quality dried coffee. Spray dried coffee is processed in high temperature, the most valuable matters of coffee is lost is the high temperature processing, and its taste is lost; its flavor is lost.
What is the benefits of freeze dried coffee?
Freeze dried coffee is more tasty and the smell is more flavor.
Freeze dried coffee is more healthy as there is no additives and preservatives.
Freeze dried coffee can be preserved longer.
Freeze dried coffee particle shaped is more interesting and attractive.
How to make freeze dried coffee from coffee beans?
There are serious pre-treatment procedures to get liquid coffee solution.
The only difference compared with other method is the step of drying.
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