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The bubble tube diffuser is a new type of oxygenation aerator and the core equipment of A/O process (activated sludge biochemistry technology). It can be applied to every position of the sewage pool. It is featured by easy and convenient installation and maintenance, even oxygenation and low energy consumption.
Flexible, easy and convenient installation.
The bubble tube diffuser can be installed during normal operation, not necessary to drain water with simple maintenance.
Manufactured by compression molding with a standard cure,low plasticizer content, and 1mm or 2mm perforations.Compression molding with modern equipment utilizing individual thermocouples and vacuum technology ensures a repeatable very high quality product.
Diameter: 63mm, 93mm and 113mm
Length: 500mm-1000mm (500mm, 650mm, 750mm, 1000mm)
Interface: 3/4” male thread
Technical Parameters
1. Use imported material, good elasticity, long life time
2. Little bubble diameter, high oxygenate efficiency
3. Proof deposit,install convenient
Install ways
♦ Preservation aeration of waste water
♦ Oxygenation of activation basins
♦ Oxygenation to stabilize sludge
♦ Aeration of rivers and lakes
♦ Aeration of fish ponds
♦ CO2 admission for neutralization
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