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Classification: Hydrogen Peroxide
MF: H鈧侽鈧?/p>
Place Of Origin: China
HS Code:2847000000
In the Corona virus pneumonia prevention work, 7.8% hydrogen peroxide disinfectant is a material in short supply in hospitals. The most effective terminal disinfectant of all isolation wards is hydrogen peroxide. It is also a disinfectant for corrosion resistant medical devices.
Hangzhou Mingxin Hydrogen Peroxide Co.,LTD has 2 sets of large-scale advanced industrial hydrogen peroxide production equipment, and a set of food grade hydrogen peroxide production equipment. At present, the annual output of hydrogen peroxide has reached 280,000 tons, and it has become an important hydrogen peroxide production enterprise in China.
Our Advantage:
1. We have our own factory.
2. Our products is with high quality and best competitive price.
3. Reality supplier want to build long-business with you.
4. We accept the third-party testing.
ComponentCAS NumberMass(%)
Hydrogen peroxide7722-84-17.8%wt
Purified Water7732-18-592.2%wt
The hydrogen peroxide is available in IBC containers or other plastic containers of 25kgs,35kgs.
鈼廗eep it cool and ventilated. Store it separately from combustibles and reducing agents.
鈼廠tore away from incompatible substances such as reducing agents,combustible material ,active metal powder,etc. Keep away from containers should have air vent or pressure relief values.
鈼廠torage areas should be equipped with emergency treatment equipment and suitable materials for leakage.
Physical And Chemical Properties
Physical State: Transparent liquid
Colour: Colorless
Odour:Slight peculiar smell
Q1: Do you accept third party inspection? A1: Yes.we do.
Q2: How long is your delivery time? A2: within 15 days after receipt of deposit.
Q3. What Is Loading Port? A3: Usually Is Shanghai or Ningbo.
Q4: MOQ:Full container load (FCL).7.8% Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfectant manufacturers
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