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I Shaped Brass Tile Trim, closing is very important for decorative applications! Traditional materials not only have problems such as contamination, difficulty in cleaning, and complicated construction procedures, but also the decorative effect is quite unsightly. The I Shaped Brass Tile Trim line can replace the traditional side line, and the low-key, heavy and simple characteristics of copper can be used to enhance the family's appearance again.

I profile is different from the common square, arc has a wide decorative surface, it only has a very long decorative surface, narrow light surface, not only can achieve the corner protection function, but also has a certain decorative effect, especially suitable for simple home decoration, not merely let people have a new look, there are not too many decorative traces, play a beautification function. As well.

I Shaped Brass Tile Trim is widely used in hotels, schools, restaurants, large supermarkets, offices or your home. You just need to carefully observe the ground and wall, and you can see it. The surface color of brass can adapt to various materials and walls. While decorating, it does not steal the light of other decorations, but matches it like green leaves.
Brass Tile Trim
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