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Product Name:
Razor loop top chain link fence
Product Introduction:
Hot dip galvanized / pvc coated / powder coated chain link fence, barbed wire line on top, high-intense zinc-coated steel razor blade
Product Details:
Razor loop top chain link fence is designed for situations that requires a higher level of protection like factory, airport. Warehouse, government offices. Razor wire is covered with sharp wires and is used for securing a certain area. These sharp wires have a psychological deterrence feature and prevent people from entering the prohibited zone. The Razor top is made with iron with zinc-coated finishing to guarantee the long lasting anti-rust; high-intense wire material yet light weight makes it easy assembled, good for maintenance.
Razor loop top chain link fence is usually made of galvanized steel blade or stainless steel blade. Two pieces of stainless steel razor wire or zinc-coated razor wire can be bounded together by clips to make it stronger. We offer Y post ,T post ,Square post, Peach post ,Round pos for uses.
It鈥檚 chain link fence body is also made from galvanized or pvc coated iron wire, to fix with posts, brace and fittings, equipped with the barbed top, to build a chain link fence system in the park, airport and other places. Also can be used for animal breeding. One of the most popular metal fence in the world.
Aside from its easy availability in today鈥檚 market, razor barbed wire also is relatively cost-friendly to install and maintain. We offer custom size fence, accessories, frames and installation guides, customer can save a lot of labor work on setting up.
Parameters Based On Our Standard Model:
Item #:
Decpription:Razor loop top chain link fence
Application:Factory / park / pool / deck / airport / goverment building
Alloy:Iron wire
Finish:Powder coated / hot dip galvenized / pvc coated
Post style:In-ground
Post size:50x50x2mm / 63.5x63.5x3.5mm / 100x100x3mm / custom size
Mesh weaving:Welded / twist / crimpted
Opening size12mm - 100mm
Wire size:1.20mm - 5.00 mm
Outside DiameterNo. of LoopsStandard Length per CoilTypeNotes
450mm338MCBT-65Single coil
500mm4110MCBT-65Single coil
700mm4110MCBT-65Single coil
960mm5313MCBT-65Single coil
500mm10216MBTO-10.15.22Cross type
600mm8614MBTO-10.15.22Cross type
700mm7212MBTO-10.15.22Cross type
800mm6410MBTO-10.15.22Cross type
960mm529MBTO-10.15.22Cross typeBulk Metal Fence
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